Frequently asked questions

No.  I will require a retainer in some amount for all cases.  The amount of the retainer will vary depending upon what the case involves.

Yes, you can still meet with me and consult with me to get answers to your questions. Our meeting will be confidential. I will not pressure you to file before you are ready (unless you or your children are in danger).

It is impossible to predict how much a case will cost because we don’t know whether the other party will be reasonable, or if the other party will hire a reasonable attorney.  I charge hourly and if your case is highly contested, it will take more of my time and be more expensive.  There will be ways for you to help in keeping your fees down.

I will seek resolution of your matter through settlement.  However, often you need to be prepared to “go to court” in order to obtain a favorable settlement from the other party.

Yes, any unused portion of your retainer is refundable if your case concludes or if you decide not to proceed or if you decide to switch attorneys.

No.   I will not take action in the representation of my client solely out of my client’s feelings of spite, malice or anger.  Chances are that if you have this attitude, you would not be my client.

An attorney-client relationship is built on trust and most all communications are protected by the attorney-client privilege.  It is very important that there be complete candor in the representation – – or it could come back to hurt your case.

No.  You will provide valuable input (facts and information) but as your attorney, I will prepare the documents.

No.  I am committed to keeping a relatively light caseload so that my clients can each receive the time and attention that he or she deserves.